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Peppy does not own responsibility towards any copyright infringement with regards to the uploading of the images in 123peppy.com, which is not the property of users, or which is not considered to be the public domain. The responsibility solely lies upon the user, and they have to be doubly sure to earn the consent before uploading the images, which includes the photographs belonging to someone else. Moreover, the user is singularly responsible, and should be thoroughly sure of the images that get uploaded, as these should neither be defamatory nor obscene. The user is singularly responsible for legality, currency, accuracy, and of the conformity of the own material, and becomes liable for misleading, false, inaccurate or for the material that falls under the copyright infringement belonging to a third party or analogous right of any kind, or containing material warranting actionable procedures or being referred to therein, and concurs to indemnify Peppy, their successors and ascribes each of the officers, respective directors, agents and employees of Peppy from and also against liabilities, losses, damages, claims which includes rationalized legal fees, which results in any form from its usage, and also from the material which is posted on the website. Peppy on the website has included images which are presented only in the form of a sample, and do not entertain other purposes. These images are not permitted to be put to use as a service mark or as trademark, or for pornographic usages, or for putting it in to use for unlawful purposes, or for defaming persons, or in violating the right of any person with respect to publicity or privacy, or in infringing upon any copyright, trademark, trade name, or of the service mark belonging to any entity/person. These images also are not to be put to use for any sort of commercial purpose. These images are to be used as per the specific permission mentioned above and not otherwise or even permission shouldn’t be granted for the usage of these by other persons, and no rights are guaranteed for these images by the form of this provision except for the limited license found above.


All the suggestions, remarks, graphics, ideas or any other kind of information which is communicated to Peppy by the medium of this site (collectively, the ‘Submission’) will at all times remain as the property of Peppy. Submissions doesn’t need be treated as confidential by Peppy, and Peppy will not be held liable for any sort of ideas put forth for business needs (includes without the limitation, advertising ideas or product) and will not be rendered liable for any similarities that may emerge in the future Peppy operations. Without limitations, Peppy will exclusively own the present as well as the future existing rights towards the Submissions of any and every kind, and also of nature everywhere. Peppy will also hold the rights towards the usage of the Submission for commercial purpose or any other, whatsoever, without any compensation to the user or for that matter to other persons sending in their Submissions. The user acknowledges the responsibility for all the material that he submits, and the user, not Peppy, own the responsibility in its entirety for all the messages, which includes its legality, appropriateness, reliability, originality as well as the copyright. The user also acknowledges that Peppy forbids any Content or material of any other type that acts as an infringement on any trademark, patent, trade secret, copyright, right to publicity, right to privacy, or other kinds of relevant law or that of the proprietary right towards the uploading in the site. In showing consent with the terms and conditions, the user justifies his awareness about the images present on the internet (especially the images of the celebrities, to quote as an example) may be under the protection of copyright laws. In uploading the content, the user affirms that all the proprietary right, which includes the copyright, in as well as to the Content, is owned by them. Also, to the degree that the Content includes images of persons or people, the user represents as well as affirms to the acquired permission being accomplished, which needs to be obtained from the relevant parties. The user exhibits his consent that neither Peppy nor its officers, any directors, partners, employees, agents or affiliates shall be held liable for damages of any sort, whether indirect, direct, incidental or consequential, or which may arise owing to the use of, or due to the inability thereon towards the usage of any Content. We at Peppy retain the rights to modify or even to terminate the services of 123peppy.com for all and any type of reason, and also without issuing notice at any point of time. We also hold back the right towards altering the Terms of Use at any point of time. We also may, without entertaining any obligation to, eliminate the Content, that we ascertain under our singular discretion are offensive, unlawful, libelous, threatening, obscene, defamatory or else objectionable, or that which violates the intellectual property pertaining to any party, or even the Terms of Use. Peppy does not and also cannot appraise all types of communications or even Content which gets uploaded in our site, and doesn’t own responsibility towards the content having such type of content or communications. Albeit the foregoing, Peppy retains the right to move or edit, delete, any sort of Content or communication that it ascertains in its singular discretion, violates or may happen to violate the Agreement, or else that which is unacceptable. The users shall singularly own the responsibility for all Content uploaded or for communications made, under their name. Peppy reserves the right, but doesn’t remain obligatory to correct errors if any, or of omissions in any of the Content, as it may ascertain under its singular discretion. Peppy firmly upholds the belief that parents should exercise their hold to supervise the online activities of the children and should consider the usage of parental control tools that can be accessed from the online services and also from the software manufacturers, which helps towards providing a child-friendly online situation. These tools also aid in preventing the children from revealing their name, address and other such personal information online, without parental consent and permission. To glean further information on the parental control tools, please seek information from the ‘Consumer Assistance’ page pertaining to the home page of the Direct Marketing Association (http://www.the-dma.org).


Peppy considers the privacy belonging to its users as an important issue. We at Peppy have committed ourselves towards safeguarding the privacy belonging to our users as well as of our clients that falls in accord with the worldwide practices relevant to customer privacy and also to that of data protection. Peppy will not deliver the personal data of users to third parties without the consent of the user or that which is required by law. Collection of Information and options At Peppy, we gather information from the user through the usage of enquiries, different registration forms, and also at times when the user mails giving details. We may, if the user opts for, use his email address to proffer periodic or even regular newsletters or information regarding Peppy, or of the present or future services and products provided by Peppy. Users who consent to receive mailings from us by opting for it may at any point of time opt out of it. Transfer - Internet-based As the user is aware of the global medium that the Internet encompasses, the usage of Internet for gathering and then processing the personal data, entails data transmission on a global basis. As a result, by the act of browsing the Peppy website and thereby communicating with us electronically, the user acknowledges as well as concurs with our processing related to the personal data in the way mentioned. We at Peppy also gather information automatically concerning the user,s visit to the site. The information received through this way, which contains browsing patterns and demographic data, is only put to use in the aggregate form. We use the user,s IP address to assist us in diagnosing problems with that of our server, and also to manage our website. Personal Information - Use We at Peppy process the personal information gathered through the Peppy website for the purpose of: - Furnishing personalized service-in administering surveys related to market research- giving the user information regarding the services and products that we proffer. If the user has opted to receive Peppy information, and later wishes to stop the inflow of information about our services and products, or services and products proffered jointly with, or in the interest of other organizations, feel free to contact us. We also put the information to use only in the aggregate form (no user or individual is identified): - in building up marketing profiles-in aiding strategic development - in also auditing the usage pertaining to the site Cookies and its use We at Peppy also put the ‘cookies’ to use in identifying the user, when the user visits the Peppy website, and also in building up the demographic profile. A cookie is but a tiny piece of information that is sent by that of a web server to that of a web browser, which enables the collection of information by the server back from that of the browser. If the user feels uncomfortable with this cookie technology, the user has got the option of setting up the browser so as to reject the cookies. The privacy policy declaration is not to be applied to that of the third party sites.

Changes effected to the Terms

Peppy retains the right, as to its discretion, to effect changes to any of the parts belonging to its site. Owing to the policy that advocates updating and as such improving the site, Peppy may aspire to change the Terms (which include the material related to the user’s usage pertaining to the Content). As and when the terms get changed, the user will be notified by mail or by means of publishing the details related to the changes, by making it as an inclusion at the concluding part of the Terms ( see ‘Changes effected to the Terms’). In case the user puts the site to use after the changes gets published or notified, the user exhibits consent to the present, to be bounded by the changes that have been made. If the user doesn»t concur with getting bounded by the changes effected, the user should not put the site to use any further, after it gets published at the concluding part of the Terms, or after the user receives information pertaining to them.


The user may not sub-license, assign, or else transfer any of the rights concurring with these terms. If any of the provision finding a place in these Terms is invalidated by any court that possesses competent jurisdiction, the invalidity subjected to the provision in no way affects the validity pertaining to the remaining provisions belonging to these Terms, which remains with full force and effect too. Failure to implement any right or that of remedy by either party under these Terms doesn’t make up for a waiver of that particular right or of remedy. The headings provided in the Terms are for convenience sake only and doesn’t hold any legal meaning or any effect.


If the user has any queries about the privacy statement, or of the practices pertaining to this site, please contact us.

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