Dancing Games for Girls

  • Super Barbie Ballerina Super Barbie Ballerina As Barbie is goping to play both roles, you will have to create her white swan outfit first. Choose the perfect white dress and use feather
  • Hip Hop Dont Stop Hip Hop Dont Stop Press the arrow keys to in the correct order to get the dancing going. Speeds up later on.
  • Dancing Panda Dancing Panda Do you come with Panda on his world tour? Go with him to his shows in Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, London, New York and Rio de Janeiro. Help hi
  • Dancing Bush Dancing Bush Dance the night away in disco style.
  • Fans Laud MJ Fans Laud MJ Being a great fan of MJ, you have emulated him as good as to become his shadow, and in order to perform MJ’s dance steps.
  • Dancing Hilary Dancing Hilary Dance the night away in disco style.
  • Dance Revolution Dance Revolution Help this ambitious skeleton fulfill his goals of becoming the world's first dancing skeleton champion. Dance revolution at its finest!
  • High School Cheerleader High School Cheerleader Want to make the squad? Show us what you've got! Give me an A! Give me a G!
  • Honey Dance Honey Dance Help Honey get her moves on.
  • Lets Dance Lets Dance Follow the fruits selected to act the dance steps.
  • Princess Maker Princess Maker Dance to the rhythm of music. Not miss much or you will make to cry the girl.
  • Simone Simone Look at how Simone dances, remember her moves and repeat them making click over the correspondent image. Your objective is to get 15 points.
  • Tenminicheu Tenminicheu You have ten minutes to make a very cool dance drill.
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