Frog Games for Girls

  • Tacky Toads Tacky Toads Your goal is simple. Get the frog to reach the flag. Press the Frog, Pull back and aim at any flag and release. The lowest score is the best
  • Mega Jump Mega Jump Pull back the catapult and launch the green alien at the right time.
  • Jumpo Jumpo Jump on the coins as they disappear and as you play multiple levels that keep getting harder.
  • Hit Crazy Frog Hit Crazy Frog Hit the frog and make him fly as far as you can.
  • Frog Race Frog Race Ready to jump, jump, and jump because no vehicle here!1 just control the frog to overleap blocks on the track, racing against computer. Play
  • Frog Prince Magic Frog Prince Magic Cast the spell and turn the prince back from being a frog.
  • Frog Prince Frog Prince Help this frog prince. A witch turned him into a frog because he was a very spoilt prince. She told him he had to learn what it is to live l
  • Frogger Frogger Try to get your frog to the spaces at the top of the screen. Use the arrow keys to move your frog. Watch out for the cars and other obstacle
  • Starving Frog Starving Frog Collect the food to the frog.
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