Kissing Games for Girls

  • Kiss While Skating Kiss While Skating Make the skater to kiss his girl while skating, without getting noticed by the snow man and Santa Claus to proceed to next levels. Fill the
  • Kiss Me Kiss Me Select male or female and upload your image. Edit the size of your face in the uploaded image and click on the finish button. Now select the
  • Kiss in 1940 Kiss in 1940 An unbelievable chance...! You've got an excellent opportunity to kiss your lover in the 1940s location...!! Kiss your lover without getting
  • Kiss in Infirmary Kiss in Infirmary Make Doctor& Nurse to kiss each other without getting noticed by patients. Click on Doctor or nurse to make them to kiss each other. In each
  • Dogs Revenge Dogs Revenge In the first level, make the dogs to kiss each other when its owners doesn't notice them. In the next level, make the owners to kiss each ot
  • Hanged Kiss Hanged Kiss Here we have a handsome magical guy who is hanging upside down and waiting to kiss the cute girls walking on the streets. The guy's dress sh
  • Halloween Kiss Halloween Kiss Two lovers unfortunately get into a Halloween location. Make them express their love by kissing each other when the other Halloween characte
  • Flying Kiss Flying Kiss The player is a dream guy of all the young girls and wants to grab the sweet flying kisses given by the cuties. Sometimes, they might be thr
  • Die Hard to Kiss Die Hard to Kiss You have got to kiss your lover who is in a scary location, far away from you. But remember, it’s a scary location and the related charac
  • Cycling Kiss Cycling Kiss The couple is joyfully riding on the street in their cycle! Make the couple to kiss each other without getting noticed by other people. If a
  • Bride and Groom Kissing Bride and Groom Kissing Make the Bride and the Groom to kiss each other without getting noticed by others. If anyone stares, while the couple kisses, the game gets
  • Blocking Kissing Blocking Kissing Your girlfriend is very angry with you and has started hitting you. Block yourself, while she tries to beat you, and kiss her passionately t
  • Baby Kiss Baby Kiss The naughty baby is very keen to kiss the other babies. Help the naughty baby to fulfill his desires.
  • Apartment Kiss Apartment Kiss Being the playboy of the apartment, many girls start dreaming about you. Kiss the crazy young girls when they are eagerly waiting for your k
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