Skill Games for Girls

  • Shelter from Warm Shelter from Warm As we all know, earth is slowly getting destructed by global warming in various forms. You are in the mission to protect our earth from the
  • Build Castle Build Castle Shoot the enemies by using tanks and build the castle before enemies’ rushes in. Select the tank based on the amount and place it on the f
  • Indian Tic Tac Toe Indian Tic Tac Toe This is a two/single player game. The one who completes the Tic Tac Toe by assembling the identical coins vertically, horizontally or diagon
  • Find The Dollars in Appartment Find The Dollars in Appartment Find the dollars which are hidden inside with in the given time. Click over the coins to get points. You have 3 chances for making mistakes.
  • Find the Pests Find the Pests Find out the hidden pests which are displayed on the grid. To score more, find all the pests in short duration. To mute the sound, press mut
  • Build the Ice Blocks Build the Ice Blocks The falling ice blocks should be made to fall and rest on the wooden vehicle, without leaving any gap between the ice blocks.
  • Bee Hive Bee Hive Help the bee to make it reach its hive by removing the objects which are preventing the bee from reaching the hive. To make the bee reach t
  • Wood Carving Pokemon Wood Carving Pokemon Cut the wood as required, to form the correct image structure.
  • Germ Fighter Germ Fighter You are the anti-bacterial agent, having come with the mission of destroying the germs. Maintain the energy level to resist the germs, as ot
  • Wood Carving Winnie Wood Carving Winnie Cut the wood as required, to form the correct image structure.
  • Word Finder Word Finder Alphabets of the given word are in bowling pin but they are in scrambled manner. Press the alphabets of the given word orderly. If you pre
  • Flying Bush Flying Bush Idle Bush wants to prove a point by fastening the wings to his sides and to fly and accomplish great wonders. Make Bush to fly higher and as
  • Chicken Hunt Chicken Hunt Little chicken likes to feed on worms. Help out the chicken to eat the worms without getting in contact with the bombs.
  • Volvo Motor Factory Volvo Motor Factory Tuning your favorite Volvo Motor Factory.
  • Garden Shop Garden Shop This game is about a girl planting seeds, watering it and collecting the flower to deliver it to the customer.
  • Scooby Snapshot Scooby Snapshot Scooby,Shaggy and the whole gang are putting together a scrap book of their adventures but they need your help as the gang’s photographer
  • Color Math Game Color Math Game Are you a talented artist, if so, show your colors by giving granny colorful dress painted by you. Have fun kids
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