Slacking Games for Girls

  • Barbie Slacking Barbie Slacking Hi Girls. Barbie has to stay at home and study today because tomorrow she has an important exam. As you know Barbie does not like very much
  • Halloween Slacking 2013 Halloween Slacking 2013 Yay, Halloween is here! And that means apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, scaring the neighbors and lots of free candy! Sarah wants to go out a
  • Circus Slacking Circus Slacking Roll up! Roll up! The circus is in town! Sarah couldn't wait to visit the Big Top and check out the acts so she's started a new job at the c
  • Halloween Slacking Halloween Slacking Halloween is upon us! And you know what that it means - lots of darkness and lots of joy. But, the poor Clara caught held up with her home w
  • College Slacking College Slacking Snooze!!! Another boring day awaits Clara in the college she has no interest in listening the class so she feels drowsy. She has some things
  • Christmas Naughty Boy Christmas Naughty Boy You play as a mischievous little boy who tries to perform some naughty actions in this Christmas season. Complete the task before the time r
  • Santa and the Naughty Boy Santa and the Naughty Boy The mischievous boy wants to play with Santa, help him to do so and earn points. Be careful of Santa, the boy has to do all these deeds with
  • Bobo the Naughty Boy 4 Bobo the Naughty Boy 4 Help Bobo to whistle at the girl in the class room and in the second level to take food from his friend without being noticed by others.
  • Bobo the Naughty Boy 3 Bobo the Naughty Boy 3 Bobo want to listen music without being noticed by his teacher. In the second level he want to trick his uncle to eat the apple. Play along
  • Bobo the Naughty Boy 2 Bobo the Naughty Boy 2 Naughty Bobo is up to his mischiefs again and this time wants to ring the bell and copy answers. Help Bobo to do so and alert him at the rig
  • Bobo the Naughty Boy Bobo the Naughty Boy Bobo is a little naughty boy who is up to a lot of tricks when nobody is watching. Here are two such incidents. In the first he wants to pla
  • Secretary Fun Secretary Fun Naughty secretary on workplace!! Secretary loves making fun of someone at the office.
  • Magical Stationery Magical Stationery Who said stationery id boring? Give magical stationery a shot and you'll be rolling in laughter. Use your mouse to play left click to activa
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