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Content & suitability

If you use our site, it will be deemed that you have accepted our terms and conditions. If you are 13 years old or less, then we suggest that our ‘Terms of Use’ be seen by your parents for your registration. If you are aged less than 13 years and if your account with us has been activated, then we shall take it for granted that your parents have agreed to it.

To parents

If you have any objections to your child registering on our site, we suggest that you use the contact form to communicate with us. The on-line activities of children on our site should also be supervised by their parents.


We strongly recommend you go through our terms of usage, thoroughly, before registering with us. When you register with us, we take it for granted that you have carefully scrutinized our terms and conditions.

We wish to make it clear that all material posted on the 123peppy site are meant to be safe for children. Our site is monitored at all times by our qualified staff, if anybody were to post material unsuitable for young children, his/her registration with 123peppy will be cancelled automatically. You are also requested to alert us if any unsuitable material is posted on our site by anybody, which you may have noticed before we do.


123peppy seeks to provide a safe environment for young children, and towards this end, we employ the services of several moderators. You are also called upon not to reveal your personal details to anyone who comes online on our site. You are advised to take your parents’ opinion before revealing your personal details. We are not responsible for the consequences if you were to be indiscreet with regard to your identity online.

Termination of authorization

The permission granted to you to use this website will come to an end automatically if you were to violate any of our rules and regulations.