Guessing Games for Girls

  • Guess The Turkey Guess The Turkey Guess the appropriate roasted turkey accurately in this interchanged turkey order form. click on the turkey as per your guess.
  • The Drifter Decoder The Drifter Decoder Test your memory by matching the random computer code sequence that plays on the Drifter decoder.
  • Simpsons Magic Ball Simpsons Magic Ball Magic Ball is a classic game of memory and skill. First, watch the sequence of pictures that appear in the large ball, then repeat the seque
  • Shadow Clone Battle Shadow Clone Battle Zabuza has just created clones of himself and as young Genin, choose your attack weapon with different effects on Zabuza and choose the real
  • Rock Paper Siz Rock Paper Siz Work on your Rock, Paper, Scissors strategy in this virtual throw down.
  • Guess My Ball Guess My Ball After intermixing of the jar, you have to locate which jar holds the ball. If you locate the jar correctly,then you get the points. if not y
  • Cups Game Cups Game Guess which cup! Classic game cup confusion.
  • Angel and Devil Angel and Devil Here you've got 3 mail icons which contain Angels and Devils. Once you enter the game, the mail icon with the Angel symbol opens. Watch keen
  • Deal or Nodeal Deal or Nodeal This is a game that makes you a millionaire within seconds. All you have to do is to choose a box from closed 26 boxes. Then you’ll be giv
  • 13 Phobia 13 Phobia choose the turn and play game with computer. Take turns with computer to select smiley from the group.
30 Games . 21 - 30